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Per the video, 60+% of thefts from hotel safes are inside jobs.

Career thieves will be “moonlighting” for private investigators, and will have friends in reception to learn the identity, room number, and comings & goings of high-value targets.

Thieves mayl work in housekeeping, maintenance, or security. They won’t often steal physical items. Surely, it’s a more lucrative and long-lasting gig to expose “guests'” phones & laptops to a “rubber ducky” and offer sensitive data to a private investigator or on the dark web.

This risk will center upon hotels near Wall St., K St., Michigan Ave., Wiltshire Blvd., and Sand Hill Rd.  But any hotel where executives and professionals stay involves some risk. Reserve & check in with only a name, not with your title or affiliation. Show your loyalty card only at check in. Ask if they can keep it of off the screen seen by other front desk staff.

Learning about vulnerabilities like hotel safes, and taking counter-measures is NOT about being paranoid! It’s about calmly assessing threats significant to your business, countering them and then relaxing — in the knowledge that you’ve significantly stepped up your security. A thieving hotel employee will leave your room empty-handed to pick the “low hanging fruit” in the next room’s safe.

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